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Terms of Use for WebSite X5 Help Center
(Last revised 21/12/2016)


Terms of Use
The present Website (from now on referred to as “Website”), dedicated to the user community of WebSite X5 software and used to provide technical support and assistance for the product, is supplied by Incomedia S.r.l., Via Burolo 22/A, Ivrea (TO), 10015 Italy (from now on referred to as “Incomedia”), VAT ID: 07514640015.

The following Terms of Use regulate access to, and the use of, the Website, and are in addition to the  provisions included in the general Terms of Use that can be viewed at www.incomedia.eu/terms
. Please read both documents carefully before using the Website.


Acceptance of the Terms of Use
By accessing or using the Website, you accept all the present Terms of Use, without changes or modifications. If you do not accept all the aforesaid Terms of Use, you are not authorized to access or use the Website.

The present Terms of Use govern your use of the Website, its content (such as text, data, information, software, images or photographs) that Incomedia and affiliated companies and partners make available through the Website (“the Contents”), the contents presented or published by users (“User Contents”) and services provided by Incomedia through the Website (“the Services”).


Changes to the Terms of Use
Incomedia reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. The modified Terms of Use will be published on the Incomedia Websites with the new revision date so that you can view the changes. By continuing to access and use the Website after the publication date, you agree to ,and accept, the changes. Please check the Terms of Use periodically to review any changes.

Incomedia also reserves the right to discontinue or modify or update the Website and its Contents at any time and without notice. Incomedia reserves the right to restrict, refuse or interrupt a User's access to the Website or part of it, at any time and without notice, and with immediate effect, at its sole discretion and for any reason.


General Terms of Use


Incomedia does not endorse any Contents published by a user or any opinion, suggestion or advice that may be contained in said contents, and is in no liable for the accuracy, completeness, quality or validity of such User Contents.


Incomedia reserves the exclusive right and faculty to change and/or delete, for any reason, at any time, without notice or authorization, and at its complete and exclusive discretion, messages or any other User Contents that may be deemed disputable, improper or otherwise contrary to the present Terms of Use. Those users who believe that any whatsoever User Contents may be considered disputable or improper are requested to inform Incomedia by using the tools available on the Websites (for example, via the “abuse” button) or by sending a message to the email address policy@incomedia.eu. If and when Incomedia receives such messages from users, it will do all that is reasonably within its power to take all measures considered necessary: since this is a manual process, you are advised that we may not be able to immediately eliminate or edit incriminated User Contents.


Access to certain areas of this Website and the use of certain functions or features on the Website may be regulated by registration. If you wish to access such areas and use such functions and features you may be asked to register as a contributor. Registration is free of charge.

When you register, you must choose a unique password and provide a unique, valid, current and verifiable   email address. Duplicate passwords and email addresses are not accepted. If the password or email address that you supply have already been chosen by another user, you will be asked to supply a different one. Incomedia will sent you an email to confirm your registration data: if this email is not delivered to your email account for any reason, access to the areas and use of features or functions for which registration is required may be denied or interrupted.
All newly registered users are set as "pending approval" until a licence is activated or the Incomedia Staff approves the account. Only the Incomedia Staff can see the messages during the ''pending approval'' phase.

You are responsible for updating your registration so that it is accurate and current. You have the sole responsibility of maintaining the secrecy of your password. You have the sole responsibility for any actions that occur under your account, user name and/or password, that may be due to your behaviour, inaction or negligence. If you become aware of or suspect inappropriate or unauthorized actions concerning your account, user name and/or password, you agree to contact Incomedia immediately via email (policy@incomedia.eu).


User Contributions
In order to establish constructive and satisfactory relations, users must adhere to the following guidelines when publishing their contributions (questions, answers, etc.):


Keep to the subject. The aim of the Website is to bring together a community of WebSite X5 software users and to provide a platform for information exchange and, more specifically, for technical assistance and support. You will avoid irrelevant contributions and contributions to non-technical subjects or that are not directly linked to the software, such as:

a. Suppositions or speculations with regard to the release of new updates/products,
b. Discussions on Incomedia's policy or decisions made by Incomedia.


Be polite. It is paramount for Incomedia that everybody feels at ease when reading other users' contributions and feels free to take part in discussions. Improper statements, material or links will not be tolerated, including clearly provocative derision or statements that may be deemed slanderous, defamatory, harmful, obscene, troublesome, threatening, hateful, unpleasant, discriminatory, offensive, vulgar, pornographic, sexually explicit or racially, culturally, ethically or sexually offensive.


Be constructive. User Contents on the Website should be limited to requests for information, technical questions and answers relating to the operations of the WebSite X5 software and, more generally, to subjects related to creating a web site. Constructive feedback on the software and suggestions for future developments are welcome.


Check the answers. As far as reasonably possible, you should check the correctness of a solution to a problem by checking its effectiveness on your computer.


Avoid publicity. You are not allowed to use this Website to promote or sell services and/or products, or add links that are not functional to a question, or relative to a reply.


Do not publish surveys or petitions, or links that lead to these.


Respect the law. You are not allowed to publish information and/or material that suggest or provoke illegal actions, such as, for example, procedures and programs that suggest how to by-pass software protection systems.


Respect copyrights and intellectual property. You warrant and declare to be the owner of, or to possess the rights for all information and material used in published contributions.


Licence Agreement on Published Contents. When you publish Contents on this Website, you agree to grant to WebSite Users an unlimited, free of charge, non-exclusive worldwide licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works of, distribute, execute and  make available to the public all the User Contents. Do not publish User Contents on this Website if you do not agree to these Terms of Use.


Violation of the Terms of Use
If the present Terms of Use are not respected, Incomedia reserves the right to delete improper Contents that are unsuitable for publication. In such circumstances, Incomedia may send an email or other form of private communication to you to warn you that your Contents have been modified or deleted. In the event of repeated violations, Incomedia reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently delete your account, or limit the functionality of your account,  always keeping valid its right to receive support on the purchased products via alternative ways (ie: private post, e-mail, etc.).

Incomedia reserves the right to delete any published User Contents o take any measure whatsoever against such account, at any time or for any reason.


Protection of your Privacy
All personal data provided or collected through the Website, or in connection with it, will be treated according to the terms of Incomedia's Privacy Policy, and the present Terms of Use are subject to Incomedia's Privacy Policy as published at www.incomedia.eu/privacy


Resolution of Disputes
The present Terms of Use are governed by and construed according to the current laws of Italy. You agree to accept the jurisdiction of the law courts of Turin, Italy, in the event of disputes, claims or legal proceedings arising from or attributable to the present Terms of Use or your use of this Website, including any disputes relating to the existence or validity of the present Terms of Use.


Language of the Terms of Use
Where Incomedia has provided you with a translation of the Italian language version of the Terms of Use, then you agree that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that the Italian language versions of the Terms of Use govern your relationship with Incomedia.

If there is any contradiction between what the Italian language version of the Terms of Use says and what a translation says, then the Italian language version shall take precedence.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is copyright by Incomedia S.r.l. All rights reserved. P.IVA 07514640015 - C.C.I.A.A. 52501/1998 - TO
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