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Franzis Easy Foto
Every image can be improved! Just more beautiful photos for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with photo editing.
Easy Foto analyses your photos within a matter of seconds, then generates individual image suggestions and shows them in a clear way. You do not have to press a single button, set any controls or try out any functions. Do you want to improve your images as quickly as possible and with the minimum of stress? Easy Foto carries out this task for you reliably and quickly.
How many times have you wished you had a partner to look over your shoulder and help when assessing an individual image? Easy Foto is the perfect partner for this. During the image analysis, the program assesses the photo-technical qualities of your photo in a brutally honest and a mathematically competent manner without sensitivities.
Take better photos easily – that’s what the name Easy Foto stands for!

- No function frenzy: simply more beautiful images.
- Self-explanatory: quick success is guaranteed!
- Exclusive: the image analysis tests your image according to the rules of photography.
- No guesswork: an assessment system faithfully shows the improvements.
- All image improvement functions that you need.
  • Individually calculated image suggestions for a result in seconds
  • Automatic and manual improvement options
  • Comparison and magnified view
  • Red-eye correction
  • Lens distortion correction
  • No barriers: simple program access
  • Technical image analysis: Easy Foto shows, from a mathematical perspective, where your photo has weaknesses
  • Saves time: image improvement with a click of a mouse
  • Complete: all functions needed for basic image improvement are included
  • HD and 4K support

Recommended Windows 10/8/7, 64 Bit, processor Intel I5, 8 GB free memory, 2 GB HDD, screen resolution 1.920 x 1.080 pixels, graphic card: DirectX-9-compatible, 128 MB, 32 Bit colour depth
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